September 15 to September 22

Ruth Maclennan

Fulmar Chick
Single video channel, 5’26”

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Luise Schröder

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Kyoko Kasuya

The moment, Photography, 2020, Kyoko Kasuya

It seems like everything goes back to « normal ». Time is chasing after us since the beginning of September. I didn’t find even a little time to look at the sky. Last Saturday evening, I hopped on the last train heading to the méditerranéen coast. Nobody was in my wagon. I just came across the moment. Click to view more

Natacha Nisic

Un geste
Single video channel, 0’26”

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Hagar Cygler

Exercise #6
“Some old killjoys say that there’s no point in taking a camera on a trip because you can buy better pictures on postcards”

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Anne Dubos

Wild, wild East

Tout se raconte d’ici avec un autre point de vue. Souvent contradictoire au mien. Click to view more

SE Barnet

Take a walk
Single video channel, 41”

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Liza Dimbleby

Letter from Glasgow : AUTONOMY


The cornflowers from my birthday are losing their blue, they are leaching their deep blue daily, becoming papery grey. I don’t know where the blue goes to. The dark orange tissue that they are still wrapped in dissolves its colour into the pint glass where they stand, and the water becomes pale orange, like paint water. Click to read more

Michelle Deignan

Single video channel, 1’13”

Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes, The Little Book of Germany, artist book, 140 x 90 mm, 2020

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