September 8 to September 15

Luise Schröder

Ruth Maclennan

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Anne Brunswic

Minsk, 26 août 2020. Svetlana Alexievitch, bouquet de fleurs à la main, sourit comme je ne l’ai jamais vu sourire. La jeune mariée a 72 ans. Elle était convoquée à comparaître à titre de témoin devant une commission d’enquête. Le conseil de coordination d’opposition complote-t-il contre la sécurité de l’État ?  Click to read more

Catherine Radosa

Natacha Nisic

A Promise

Ivana Vollaro

Ghost in brackets, 2020

Hagar Cygler

For a couple of days I was not here, I was walking around European cities, driving through green meadows and stopping for a cup of coffee at a small seaside cafe. After another search on the web, I came back to my reality of a burning sun and pandemic restrictions. Click to read more

Exercise #5
“Keep a record of every place you go, all the wonderful things you see”

SE Barnet

Single channel video, 1’45”

Michelle Deignan


Aylin Leclaire


Anne Dubos


Aujourd’hui, j’ai trouvé dans la presse, les mots de la romancière chinoise Fang Fang, qui accuse les autorités d’avoir masqué la gravité de la pandémie : “Une poussière de l’histoire vous tombe sur la tête et c’est une montagne qui s’abat sur vous ». 

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Liza Dimbleby

The students have been moving back in. They have come back to the city and have rented their rooms for the year but the university buildings on our street remain closed, so they stay in their rooms. From my desk I look down to a woman in her window, sitting at a similar desk to mine, at a similar laptop, glasses on.

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Emma Woffenden

The Building

The Building.

Concrete, breeze block, stone, cement, wood, metal fixings, wire reinforced glass, metal frames, putty.

The building has 24 windows, 270 panes of glass, each pane and it’s 4 puttied edges are in various states of disrepair. The wire glass is patched and taped, it’s holes stuffed to stop bats and birds entering. Click to read more

Ana Mendes

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