27 October to 3 November

Catalina Swinburn


Michelle Deignan

Take That, Single video, 43”

Liza Dimbleby

Leaving London Looking Backwards, October 22 2020        

Letter from Glasgow: COMPANY (III)

Last week I went to London. I had been away from the city for almost nine months, the longest leave of absence in my life. I hardly believed I could get there again. I pictured it as an ominous tunnelling through darkness. I left in the dark, but after six hours on a train, silent and masked, there I was, in London at lunchtime, in the autumn sun. It was quiet, like Sundays or Bank Holidays used to be in this city many years ago. The pavements were bare enough of feet for their pale stone to echo the light of the high buildings on the streets and squares. Click to see and read more

SE Barnet

Track and Trace, Single channel video, 43”

Ivana Vollaro

Score 2020

Katja Stuke

from: Moon over Konohana
pigment print, 140 x 100 cm

»Moon over Konohana« the title of an exhibition by German photographer Katja Stuke and japanese poet and photographer Henguchi Yoshinori, opening in Cologne at Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln (The Japan Foundation) on Nov. 6, 2020.

The exhibition was developed in the context of a dialogue between the two artists from Apr. to Sept. 2020. »Inspiration« show links to several music-videos, historic photographs and illustrations, images, artworks and books, which came up during this dialogue.
It all started with this photograph by Katja Stuke: «Moon over Konohana«.

Kyoko Kasuya

Back in the forest, photography, 2020 © Kyoko Kasuya

Natacha Nisic

Natacha NisicW27
Taming fear, photography,, St Désir L’Exil, Series

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