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Week 171 December 12 to December 19

Manuela Morgaine

Breathing the sky, December 9, 2023.

Week 170 -December 5 to December 12

Cornelia Eichhorn

« Humaps N°18 », 25 x 35 cm, papercut done with leftovers from others series, 2023 adgp/all rights reserved

Ruth Maclennan

Barentsburg, Equinocturnal Dusk, Svalbard, September 2023


Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi

Video diary Snow Days, 02 December 2023

Katja Stuke

Cars, Drancy, 2023

Week 156 – July 11 to July 18

Manuela Morgaine

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Miroir du futur – Photographie, Ceska Skalice, Tchékoslovaquie, juin 2023.

« Avec ces gants vous traverserez les miroirs comme de l’eau. 

Il ne s’agit pas de comprendre, il s’agit de croire. » 

Orphée, Jean Cocteau, 1950

Liza Dimbleby

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Letter from Glasgow: Drawing and Losing

I covered the couch with a Qashqai rug, a worn runner that my mother no longer wanted, but which was too long for my hallway. It fitted just right. I added some cushions and a blanket. It made a pretty good near relative of the couch in London, at the Freud Museum. It was somewhat creaky, being over a hundred years old, and had un-sprung itself in places, but I like to lie there and stare, out of the window, along my bookshelves, daydreaming.

What use to me the clarity, the lucidity? Classification continues to elude me, and the re-arranged papers form a new pattern on the carpet covered couch, in this endless circle of losing and finding.

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Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi

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“there and away”

21 x 29,7cm, pencil on paper, 2022

Katja Stuke

Katja Stuke, Sans Titre
Collage pour une vidéo sur le Métavers, 2023