Catherine Radosa

July 7 to July 14

June 23 to June 30


May 26 to June 2


May 12 to May 19

Catherine Radosa, Printemps, 2020

The same point of view, at the same moment of the day, during the lockdown.
Sounds and details become very important, nature takes place progressively in the frame,
the light changes, spring wakes up, while collective daily domestic ritual inhabit the void of the street.

May 5 to May 12

We are the 30th of April 2020.

One year ago exactly I projected in Czech Republic my Monument for a witch (a ten minutes video displayed in the public space) on the occasion of the Walpurgis night – the traditional popular celebration taking place in several European countries which consists in making bonfires to ward off the witches, burning a puppet of a witch in it.

            As one of the marks of the male domination remaining in our society, I wont spread here all the significations of this act. But precisely, in this period of lockdown, emerge more than ever the heritage of the feminicide crimes that took place in the history and that persists. Domestic violence has increased all over the world against women, those who at the same time are first on the line fighting against corona virus, giving care to others, in hospitals, sanitary and social structures, at home.

            So even if my mobile monument is locked down, I decide to make it appear throw my window, this night, thinking of women for whom being locked up at home is living the hell.

April 28 to May 5


April 21 to April 28

Catherine Radosa works at the intersection of images and situations that she meets, or produce. By lecture of places, observing, listening, documenting, she questions the present of the memory, personal and collective representations: the individual-society relationship, geographical and social boundaries, History, identity. Between investigation and reverie, by mounting voices, images, contexts and times, she forms collective figures of witnesses from the experienced spirit of the place (Prague, Paris, Lima) and the moment. According to each project, she involve several vocabularies (photography, video, animation 3D, sound, document, text). Also she builds, often in urban areas, participatory situations and performances, including projection on the architecture, but also films (short and medium-length films) for projection room, broadcasting on screen, for installation, images for printing and publishing. She was born in Prague in 1984, she lives in Paris.

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