Esther Shalev-Gerz

June 29 to July 6


June 1 to June 7


April 20 to April 27

After One Year, photo and text, 2021

Once a year the white domestic paint that will gradually vanish outdoors, was to be refreshed, a layer of this vulnerable surface would accumulate the traces of passage by future visitors.

August 4 to August 11


Can lungs see air circulating curling waves

passing time of shallow intake

masked from pollen-bearing future

Day of Air will be celebrated soon

June 30 to June 7


Fata morgana image of air

made of common fear

and cultivated desire

mirage that predict its end

without memory

June 23 to June 30


Covering the large waters and earth

Air is invisible to the eyes

Feeling it inside is not enough

I need to perceive it as all unnotices

Seeing the air must be a civic longing


June 16 to June 23


police cars frame it

on the way to order the pain

the neighbors offer meat, coffee,

hate and forge the shadows

the swell is changed rejects adding

through the leafy eyes

art by females with masculine stable blots

word jumps definition of end





May 26 to June 2


the dunes are bent by the wind

shaped by silence of looking away

lured by white cold anger

bleached into transparent delight


Collaboration with Christopher Fleischner

May 19 to May 26


The frame is moving it never stops

the direction is to the still sun

Potential shadow is immanent

waiting for the leaves to bud

Collaboration with Christopher Fleischner



May 12 to May 19


May 5 to May 12

What can a poem do to a desert

On the rive of the boulevards 

Lonely on the empty stone

The vastness of confinement 

The softness of neglect 

It is not far away and it is not on Mars

It is right here

April 28 to May 5

April 21 to April 28

Ready for the stars

to communicate with the unknown

attracted by the possible surprise

to challenge creativity to new direction

Invited to the insides by the smallest in between

ignored mismatch as forgotten counts of empty clouds

remembering the beauty of the desert after the rare rain

But not before

Based in Paris, Esther Shalev-Gerz is internationally recognized for her seminal contributions to the field of art in the public realm and her consistent investigation into the construction of memory, history, the natural world, democracy and cultural identities. Her works challenge the notion and practice of portraiture and consider how its qualities may contribute to contemporary discourse about the politics of representation.

Esther Shalev-Gerz

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