Kyoko Kasuya

May 26 to June 2

25 05 2020

Detention for two months. I have continued to live in the urban desert, I was able to return to forest again.

I watch deep shadows made by trees. Finally I breathe. I feel alive.



May 5 to May 12

Le confinement le 3 mai 2020

Je me suis dirigée vers un quartier très touristique. Il y avait beaucoup moins de monde ici. Par contre aujourd’hui de nombreux policiers faisaient la surveillance. Je n’ai pas osé à les photographier car j’ai largement dépassé le rayon d’un kilomètre. Payer 135€ d’amende aurait pu être vraiment pénible. Beaucoup de jogger aussi. Il y avait une ambiance quasiment déconfinée, mais le temps changeait à un rythme assez vertigineux. Le ciel restait menacant.

April 21 to April 28


During this quarantine, I often wake up in the middle of the night around 3am. I stay up to do something. In a morning, I saw lights changing subtly between the window shade and I opened it. The sky was changing so faster. Less pollution in Paris made this scenery. I live here over 7 years but never seen this before.


Kyoko Kasuya is a Japanese multidisciplinary Artist living in Paris, France. Crossing the great earthquake of Japan and nuclear accident of Fukushima in 2011 between France and her native country, she started observing contemporary society in detail while examining her own Japanese identity. Her work opens up a questioning about sociological and historical subjects through the shifting of existing views thus contributing to a universal understanding.

Le journal du confinement à Paris (Lockdown diary in Paris) is on going.


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