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Manuela Morgaine




بدأ الزمن في التوقف



Suis d’instinct

Tout ce que tu ne comprends pas



Cris encore à la Nuit

Compte les nuits de guerre

Compte les jours de paix

Compte les heures sans le sang

Compte sur ta main

Tes ancêtres

Raconte pour refermer les plaies

Raconte pour enfanter

Sans douleur


Tout ce qui se forme

Et ne se détruit pas

Invente le

Pour qu’il existe

Dans ta langue

Et qu’on s’y love Indéfiniment


Dans la boucle du vivant


Je te dis :

Prends ta propre nature

Non la multitude

Pour guide de ta vie

Prends toi

A part entière


Divination proférée au nombril

Au chœur du flanc des hommes

Peuple multi-racial

Aux multiples bras

Issu du milieu du monde


Manuela Morgaine

poésies oraculaires, 2020 


May 12 to May 19



When there are no more words, none at all, when there is nothing more to say, just sketchy gestures, when artistic breath is reduced to the essential, to the very breath of life, then what remains is this handmade gesture – with a megaphone, or a siren, or fog horns, or song, with hands applauding the care-givers every evening at 8 p.m. I am in Paris, this takes place on the river Seine, on a Freyssinet barge, Saturn, which dates from the time of the Spanish flu. My maternal great grandmother, Esther Louza, died from this flu in 1919. So, for me, each evening is like a ritual, the only possible gesture at sunset to ward off the dead and testify to the living. While waiting to rise to the surface again, to cry out, to be born again.

Manuela Morgaine is a writer, a theatre director, a filmmaker and a performer living and working in Paris. She runs Envers Compagnie (link: http://www.enverscompagnie.com/), which has been devoted to the production of interdisciplinary works since 1991. She is the author of several books and experimental radio documentaries broadcast on National French radio station France Culture. She has given her voice to numerous radio and film projects, and has directed several movies, including the four-part, four-hour long Foudre/Lightning (link: http://www.foudre-lefilm.com/en/) in 2013. She is also a performer and actually working on ORAKL, a long-term project on the question of Oracles, involving research on oracular traditions all around the Mediterranean. The project will culminate in a book of oracular poems as well as an installation-performance involving a large sculpted door made out of ice acting the role of interactive oracle.

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