@STUDIO INTERNATIONALNatacha Nisic – interview: ‘We needed a place for free expression, a visibility, a female presence’

@STUDIO INTERNATIONAL – The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on artists: Interview with Ivana Vollaro, Katja Stuke and Saviya Lopes

@The Crown Letter Project, Palais Fluxx, Germany 2021

@The Crown Letter on Slash magazine

@パンデミックの中で女性アーティストたちの声を届ける「THE CROWN LETTER」 IMA online, Japan, April 22 2020

@The Crown Letter: zajednica subjektiviteta u vrijeme izolacije, OSLOBODENJE – Balkan Edition – April 27 2020 –

@パンデミック下で連帯し、表現する女性たち, Lula magazine – May 4 2020 -The Crown Letter Project

@Natacha Nisic “Hero of the Week” creating The Crown Letter, Shado magazin, London, May 7 2020

@A Placeforart, artmagazine, Moscow, May 14

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