August 18 to August 31

Catherine Radosa


Ruth Maclennan


Aylin Leclaire

The Dog and the Monkey, Single channel, 1’05”

Ivana Vollaro


Ana Mendes

Winner, 210 x 297, Rubber stamp on ink paper

Liza Dimbleby

MAP 2: Glasgow August 2020/Russia September 1997

Back in Glasgow, I resume my walks around the empty University. The other evening, on the path that leads to the Zoology building, I was stopped short by the sight of a ship seemingly lodged in the rooftops of a descending street.

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Adriana Bustos

Kyoko Kasuya

Drawing on the wall
Photography, 2020

Katja Stuke

Osaka 2019
From the series
“Cities change the Songs of Birds”

Michelle Deignan

Single channel, 1’17”

SE Barnet

Involved vs Committed
Single channel video 23”

Natacha Nisic

Fin de Partie