Dettie Flynn

December 01 to December 14

That which we can permit ourselves to show, is not necessarily the beginning middle and end of the story

Ce que nous pouvons nous permettre de montrer n’est pas forcément le début, le milieu et la fin de l’histoire.


November 24 to December 01

The Masters Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House

In dialogue with Saviya Lopes and her Emotional labour invoice, seen at the Crown Letter Salon last Tuesday and troubling me ever since. I keep going in the hope to confront my doubts and fears and hopes and worries with the collective feelings again tomorrow afternoon.

November 17 to November 24

July 14 to July 21

The Joy of Being Two *
Et Plus
Sometimes when you can’t be doing
You are doing
Parfois quand on ne peut pas faire
On fait
Video Reading for Anne Dubos,
to put in the Crown Salon Library right beside Claude Cahun
Lecture vidéo pour Anne Dubos,
à mettre dans la Bibliothèque du Crown Salon juste à côté de Claude Cahun




May 5 to May 12

Peddling real hard

liberated from the obligation to get anywhere !

Pédaler dans la semoule

libérer de l’obligation d’y arriver !


April 21 to April 28

How nice is my bed.  

I am diving in

Night Night

Dettie Flynn is an Irish artist. She lives in Brittany.

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