Michelle Deignan

September 22 to September 29

One day in England

Single channel HD video, 1 min 2 secs, 2020



September 15 to September 22


Single Channel HD video, 1 min 4 secs, 2020



September 8 to September 15


Single Channel HD video, 1 min 45 secs, 2020



September 1 to September 8

Everyone is home

Single Channel HD video, 1 min 2 secs, 2020



August 18 to August 31


Single Channel HD video, 1 min 12 secs, 2020



August 4 to August 11

Stick stick stick stick, sticky sticky stick stick

Single Channel HD video, 1 min 10 secs, 2020



July 21 to July 28

1, 2, 3, 4

Single Channel HD video, 29 secs, 2020



July 14 to July 21


Single channel HD video, 1 min 20 secs, 2020



July 7 to July 14


Single channel HD video, 30 secs, 2020.



June 30 to July 7

The Wait

Single channel HD video, 3 mins 25 secs, 2020.



June 23 to June 30

Just a Minute

Single channel HD video, 1 min 15 secs, 2020.



June 16 to June 23


Single channel HD video, 49 secs, 2020.





I followed a link from my Facebook feed to an article in Frieze Magazine titled ‘Kara Walker on the Post-Lockdown World‘, 26 May 2020.

It’s a wonderfully reflective piece of writing responding to the topic ‘Exactitude’, a theme from Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium’ (1988).

Under her heading ‘I/me/mine’ Kara wrote:

“Witnessing trauma acts on the body in specific ways. The Event itself creates gaping holes in the fabric of the normal, and lucky survivors patch those holes with questions: ‘What do I do?’ ‘Where do I go?’ To be the witness, from afar, of death or destruction means you’re at the mercy of your senses; you have the choice of turning away from or towards the scene.”

So here we are, turning both towards and away from the scene. revolving at different times and speed, with twirls, pauses, stutters and falls. Rotating and looking, listening, tasting, reflecting, dismantling, rebuilding, acting and reacting.

Here, ‘I/me/mine’ is not twisted into ‘we/us/our’. Here, ‘I/me/mine’ is both multiplied and amplified by ‘with’.



June 2 to June 9

Capturing it

Single channel HD video, 2 mins 17 secs, 2020.



May 26 to June 2

Blowing it

Single channel HD video, 38 secs, 2020.



May 19 to May 26

Matching Pairs

Single channel HD video, 1 min 27 secs, 2020.



May 12 to May 19

There is always the Sun

Single channel HD video, 3 mins 36 secs, 2020.



May 5 to May 12


Single Channel HD video, 1 min 40 secs, 2020.

Michelle Deignan is an Irish artist and filmmaker based in London. She makes moving image, photographic and print works, for gallery exhibition, for cinema and for other screening contexts. These works critically examine the production and dissemination of culture now and historically, touching on subjects such as local and international identity, nationalism, feminism, class politics and aesthetics. Many of her works have looked at the depiction and comprehension of public space and landscape.

Michelle’s work has been screened and exhibited in international venues such as Whitechapel Art Gallery; Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe; Tramway, Glasgow; Camden Arts Centre, London ; Media Art Lab, Moscow; Irish Film Institute, Dublin; Gaîté Lyrique, Paris; Crawford Gallery, Cork; Konstall Malmo; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin and CAN, Neuchatel. Her work has been supported by Arts Council Ireland, Culture Ireland, Arts Council England and The Elephant Trust. Her moving image work is distributed by LUX.

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