Natacha Nisic

Week 122 – November 8 to November 15

Narren – Fools

Meuble à fiches constitué par Aby Warburg à partir de 1914 jusqu’en 1918. Kunstbibliothek, Hamburg

File cabinet constituted by Aby Warburg from 1914 to 1918. Kunstbibliothek, Hamburg

March 1 to March 7

Breaking Dreams, breaking lives

January 18 to January 25

Mission 3 – Breathe, February 2022

December 14 to January 4

La déclaration d’amour
WAVES OF CARE, a collective art work for TRIGGER

November 23 to November 30

Panoramique intérieur

September 21 to September 28

Color in Grey – Landscapes of Memory

August 31 to September 7

La vie de Château, August 2021

J’ai passé l’été seule dans un château comme en quarantaine. Pour occuper mon temps, j’y ai inventé un nouveau rituel, une vague réminiscence du Jeu de Paume réactualisé par le plaisir, qui semble ne pas s’assouvir, de la contemplation des accessoires gantés multicolores qui embellissent notre quotidien.

La règle est assez simple, il s’agit de tenter d’attendre l‘aiguille située à l’intersection des deux lampadaires et d’y faire tenir le gant. Chaque couleur a une valeur, Blanc – 4, noir, – 6, rouge – 7, bleu – 8. Mon score, ce soir là a été de 17 points. Ce qui n’est pas si mal.

I spent the summer alone in a castle as if in quarantine. To occupy my time, I invented a new ritual, a vague reminiscence of the Jeu de Paume updated by the pleasure, which does not seem to be satisfied, of contemplating the multicoloured gloved accessories that embellish our daily life.

The rule is quite simple, it is a question of trying to reach the needle located at the intersection of the two lampposts and to hold the glove there. Each colour has a value, white – 4, black – 6, red – 7, blue – 8. My score that night was 17 points. Which is not so bad.

August 3 to August 10

Color of Summer

July 12 to July 19


June 22 to June 29


June 7 to June 14

How do we live ?

June 1 to June 7

Breathing ?

May 13 to May 18


A year of The Crown Letter – A strange anniversary


April 13 to April 20

Take it from the Ground

March 30 to April 6

Arrache une gentiane, Super 8, catalogue de gestes, 2020

March 23 to March 30

Natacha Nisic T.O.U.T.E.S, les gestes,  photography with poem, March 2021

Tous les gestes entre nous tous les gestes revus tous les gestes perdus tous les gestes déchus tous les gestes appris tous les gestes oubliés tous les gestes à faire tous les gestes entretenus tous les gestes sans fin tous les gestes référencés tous les gestes enfouis tous les gestes inconnus tous les gestes vertueux tous les gestes infâmes tous les gestes verrouillés tous les gestes abîmés tous les gestes révoltés tous les gestes fabriqués tous les gestes bienvenus tous les gestes sérieux tous les gestes envieux tous les gestes avariés tous les gestes invisibles tous les gestes communs tous les gestes admirés tous les gestes pourris tous les gestes amoureux tous les gestes illégaux tous les gestes perçus tous les gestes interdits tous les gestes reconnus tous les gestes déçus tous les gestes attendus tous les gestes convenus tous les gestes protégés tous les gestes délivrés tous les gestes aboutis tous les gestes innocents tous les gestes appropriés tous les gestes difficiles tous les gestes attendus tous les gestes investis tous les gestes répudiés tous les gestes inscrits tous les gestes à venir

March 8 to March 16

Natacha Nisic How to be a woman, missing faces, 8th March 2021

March 2 to March 9

Natacha Nisic Green missing, spring 2021

February 16 to February 23

February 9 to February 16

Forget Cinema – numbers for an unessential existence

January 26 to February 2

A Cosmic Visit

January 12 to January 19

D’un état particulier, janvier 2021.
Vidéo 54 ‘’

December 15 to December 22

Filmer est une cartomancie du réel – Filming is a fortune-telling game, Texas, February 2020

December 8 to December 15

Taming Time

December 1 to December 8

Taming sound

I love to listen to the birds singing

November 17 to November 24

Taming Time – Found Family Album

October 27 to November 3

Natacha NisicW27
Taming Fear, Photography, St Désir L’Exil series

October 20 to October 27

Broken conversation

September 15 to September 22

Un geste
Single video channel 0’25”

September 8 to September 15

A Promise

September 1 to September 8

Format of Memory

August 18 to August 31

Fin de partie

August 4 to August 11

Invisible Guest, Video HD, 1’11”

July 28 to August 4

Malakoff, July 14th, 59″

July 21 to July 28

I wish, 1’36”

July 14 to July 21

Holiday Camp

July 7 to July 14

Nous marchons dans la campagne, le soleil est radieux et l’air frais. Les mouettes nous indiquent que la mer est si proche. Nous avançons dans le paysage en silence. La nature nous regarde, semblant ne pas partager notre inquiétude, au contraire. Tout semble si parfait et immuable.

We walk in the countryside, the sun is shining and the air is fresh. The seagulls remind us that the sea is so close. We walk through the landscape in silence. Nature looks at us, pretending not to share our concern, on the contrary. Everything seems so perfect and unchanging.



June 30 to July 7

Mémoire intérieure – Inner memory

June 23 to June 30

           Selfportrait in the countryside


                  Sixty days to forget how to breathe

June 16 to June 23

La vie n’est qu’une expérience – Camps de Rivesaltes






June 2 to June 9



May 26 to June 2

Waste Lands – Oklahoma City, Usa. February 2020


May 19 to May 26

Waves of shock – Oklahoma Museum, Usa. February 2020


May 12 to May 18

Wall Thoughts



May 5 to May 12

Eternity 3 – Super 8 on video

April 28 to May 5

Eternity 2 – Super 8 on video

April 21 to April 28

Eternity 1 – Super 8 on video

Natacha Nisic is a French artist and film maker. She initiated the Project “Crown Letter”.

Natacha Nisic’s work explores the invisible, even magical relationship between images, words, interpretation, symbol and ritual. Her  work questions the nature of the image through various media: Super 8, 16MM, video, photography and drawing.  For Arte channel, she directed “Andrea’s Sky” (2014) and “Rather Die than Die” (2018) on the First World War and the German art historian Aby Warburg. She has created the Children’s Memorial at the Shoah Memorial in Paris and is working on issues of representation of extreme violence.

Her recent shows include the Centre Pompidou, the Top Museum Tokyo , Media City Biennale in Seoul, Bienal de la Imagen en movement in Buenos Aires, Munfret in Buenos Aires,  Hermès Foundation in Seoul (2012), K21 in Düsseldorf, Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo, British Film Institute, London.

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