July 28 to August 4

Catalina Swinburn Jane Watt Wash my hands, Double screen video, 2” Ruth Maclennan Natacha Nisic Malakoff, 14th July, 54″ Ana Mendes SE Barnet Tipped Hagar Cygler Exercise #1“Clouds add dramatic elements to scenics, and correct use of filters brings out the clouds” Luise Schröder Emma Woffenden Aylin Leclaire THE THING IN A PLACE – SOMEWHEREI […]

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July 14 to July 21

______________________________________________________________________________ Kyoko Kasuya SE Barnet Catalina Swinburn Click to view more Liza Dimbleby Tomorrow we will drive out of the city, leave it behind and cross the border. We have been lent a small car by friends who have gone to live abroad. The car broke as soon as they handed it over and sat […]

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Boulevard de Charonne

8h30. Des joggers se croisent sur le terreplein central qui sépare le 11e arrondissement du 20e. A les voir, on ne peut distinguer ceux qui résident du côté ordonné, majoritairement haussmannien, à l’ouest du boulevard et ceux qui proviennent de l’autre bord, ce 20e et jusqu’à nouvel ordre dernier arrondissement, à la population plus mixte […]

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